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WordPress: How to Configure SMTP Authentication
This guide covers How to Configure SMTP Authentication in WordPress. There are many reasons you may need to Configure SMTP Authentication in WordPress. Specifically for the server here, email from...
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How to Reset WordPress Username and Password
There are times when you may need to change or Reset your WordPress Administrator Username and Password. In this guide, we will go over the different methods you can use...
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How to Change the WordPress Dashboard Language
There may be times when you need to change the Language of the WordPress dashboard for specific users in WordPress or for all of your WordPress users. In this guide,...
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How to Change WordPress from HTTP to HTTPS/SSL
How to Change WordPress from HTTP to HTTPS/SSL – The Importance of Having an SSL How to Change a WordPress Website from HTTP to HTPS/SSL in a few simple steps!...
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WordPress – Change Home and Site URL
There may be instances when you need to change your WordPress Home and Site URL such as when you are ready to switch your site to HTTPS:// or if you...
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Backing Up WordPress – Google Drive & Updraft Plus
How to Backup Your WordPress Website Automatically to Google Drive In this guide, we will walk you through how to set up Automatic Backups for your WordPress Website using the...
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PHP-FPM for WordPress
The WordPress hosting packages here have been carefully tailored and optimized with the primary focus and consideration of speed, performance and security. This article explains the use and adaptation in...
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NGINX Helper Plugin for WordPress
The WordPress Hosting Package here uses NGINX, a powerful caching engine and reverse proxy which helps boost the speed and performance of your WordPress website(s). You can manage this, using...
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cPanel vs FrogDen
Managing Your Hosting Acccount cPanel and FrogDen are both tools you will use to manage your Hosting Account. What is cPanel?   FrogDen: Hosting Account and Services FrogDen is where...
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