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PHP-FPM for WordPress

The WordPress hosting packages here have been carefully tailored and optimized with the primary focus and consideration of speed, performance and security. This article explains the use and adaptation in our WordPress Hosting plans of the PHP-FPM (PHP-FastCGI Process Manager) to manage PHP requests.

PHP-FPM (FastCGI Process Manager) is an alternative PHP FastCGI implementation with some additional features which are useful for sites of any size, especially busier sites.

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Below are the Features you get with PHP-FPM Hosting Your WordPress Website Here:

PHP-FPM Enhanced Performance

PHP-FPM runs as a separate process from Apache. This leads to better performance of PHP and Apache combined. This gives GlowFrog Hosting, LLC’s System Administrators more control over the configuration of PHP processing in the server. More control allows us more freedom in making sure that all users get fair and balanced access to CPU resources on the server. This means a better experience for WordPress users and end users, an increase in the amount of WordPress sites that can be supported as well as an increase in the amount of traffic the Web Server can handle at any given time and an improved and added layer of security.

PHP-FPM and Smarter Caching

PHP-FPM utilizes smarter caching methods. In general, PHP scripts have a direct impact on the Memory and CPU on a server as each time a PHP script is executed on a server, it consumes these resources. WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) and like most CMS, it is a PHP based application written entirely in PHP. PHP-FPM allows for running a script in real-time once, then caching the script so that it loads the script later from memory instead of executing the script again and consuming more resources. This makes PHP-FPM superior to alternative PHP handlers and makes it the better option for PHP based applications like WordPress.

PHP-FPM and Improved Security

Alternative PHP handlers run scripts from the Apache user group which encompasses all users on the server. But PHP-FPM can run scripts that are unique to cPanel users leading to better security and account isolation.

PHP-FPM and Nginx

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