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Save Time and Money
With GlowFrog
WordPress Hosting

Not all WordPress hosting partners were created equal. Are you getting the most bang for your buck at your current host?

At GlowFrog, we are proud to invest in the best infrastructure available from Google Cloud & Vultr.

If you aren’t a GlowFrog customer you are losing money! The proof is in our cost to benefit ratio below.

Save Time and Money with GlowFrog

Ways other hosts could be costing you Money...

Slow performing infrastructure

Your WordPress site Performance has a direct impact on SEO, Sales and Conversions. 

If you’re still on a crowded, old, shared hosting server, chances are your site isn’t performing as well as your competitors. 

Best WordPress Hosting Features

Limited features

Powerful platform features help streamline productivity and development, which saves you valuable time.

Is all of you focus going toward your business or are you stuck navigating clunky UI’s and searching for online help resources? 

Best WordPress Support

Lack of quality support

Website issues are bound to happen at some point — but the way your host approaches these issues makes all the difference.

If comprehensive, immediate, and knowledgeable support isn’t readily available, you’re paying the price one way or another.

At GlowFrog, you get the same Enterprise Level Performance
— in every plan.

If you’ve ever hosted your WordPress site at a shared hosting provider, you know that security and performance is not their strong suit.

The cheap price is NOT worth the performance and security issues. 

Time + Speed = Money

GlowFrog was Built on the Best
Google Cloud & Vultr has to offer.

At GlowFrog, the key components of our infrastructure are Security, Stability and Speed.

We are constantly working to provide the fastest, most secure, WordPress Hosting available.

Our WordPress Hosting environment is proudly powered by Vultr and Google Cloud.

Premium Tier & HF Servers

The fastest architecture available with 3+ GHz processors.

vCPU processing, memory speed, and storage throughput deliver significant increases across the board.

blazing fast performance on SSD

Intel + 100% SSD cloud platform

100% Intel and 100% SSD cloud platform. 

High-performance Intel vCPUs. Low latency memory with blazing fast read/write performance.

Global Network

The closer your site is to your website visitors, the lower the latency and the faster your pages load. 

We deploy servers in up to 25  worldwide locations.

Migrate to GlowFrog — Save Time & Money

Your site deserves the best. Make the switch today and take advantage of our Free, Fast Migration.

Migrate to GlowFrog —
Save Time & Money

Your site deserves the best. Make the switch today and take advantage of our Free, Fast Migration.
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