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Powerful WordPress
Features & Services ⚡

Powerful Features and Add-Ons that Accelerate Development and Streamline WordPress Administration. 

GlowFrog makes managing the security and speed of your WordPress sites easy. 

GlowFrog Smart, Adaptive Performance Tuning

WordPress Migration

You are just one click away from Faster, More Secure and
High Conversion
WordPress Hosting. We will migrate your WordPress website within 24 hours, from any host. Just sign up for any one of our plans and enjoy a free, professional migration with no downtime.

Malware Removal & Award Winning Security for WordPress

Dealing with Malware can be a scary, frustrating, and stressful process. You don’t have to deal with it alone.
Our friendly, malware experts monitor sites and intervene whenever suspicious activity is detected to mitigate most attacks before they happen.

Take back your peace of mind with our Award Winning Security, File Monitoring, Enterprise Level WordPress Firewall and Free Hack removals.

We had no idea our WordPress login page was being targeted by a brute force attack. GlowFrog let us know how we can take steps to further protect our website and was quick to stop the attack by blocking the offenders.

Daily Performance Auditing & Web Core Vitals

We monitor websites for performance daily. Benefit from daily web core speed test vitals right inside your GlowFrog Hosting Dashboard, plus, professional website performance auditing when you need it. 

Smart Updating Feature

Update WordPress without ever worrying about PHP Errors breaking your site.

Our Smart Updating feature tests updates before they are applied to ensure your site is free of errors. If an error is present, the update is not applied. From there you can reach out to our team of experts and we can help you resolve the issues.

Traffic Auditing, Blocking & DDoS Protection
+ Uptime Monitoring

Not only do we monitor for uptime and notify you if there’s an issue, but we also monitor, detect and block malicious traffic and bots. We notify you if we detect something suspicious so you can take further action. We are proud to provide the most comprehensive traffic auditing on the market. 

Optional Add-Ons

Expand the capabilities of your WooCommerce site. Or boost performance even more.

Redis Object Cache

Optional Redis Add-on

Redis is an Object Cache that caches requests to the database for faster MySQL Queries. 

Can be added to WooCommerce Plans for $50/m per site.

GEO IP Rules

Custom GEO IP Rules

Block Traffic from Entire Countries or customize your marketing campaigns.

Can be purchased on any plan for $50/m per site.

Have Questions?

Talk to our plan specialists. Whether you need a custom solution or just have questions,
we can help you find the right plan for your business needs.
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