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We will migrate your WordPress website within 24 hours, from any host. Just sign up for any one of our plans and enjoy a free, professional, migration with zero downtime.

How to Migrate Your Site to GlowFrog Hosting

Step 1.

Sign up for a new GlowFrog Hosting Account.

Step 2.

After you Sign up, you can use our Built-In Migrator.

Or use our Free, Fast, Migration.

Step 3.

Fill out the Simple Migration Form

Step 4.

We will migrate your site to your GlowFrog account within 24 hours.

We will notify you once it’s complete. 

Have Questions or Special Migration Needs?

Our Migrations Engineers are standing by ready to help. We will be with you every step of the way to ensure the smoothest possible migration 24/7.

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Reasons to Choose GlowFrog

  1. Managing WordPress at GlowFrog is effortless. Our tools allow you to deploy WordPress sites in 1 click, manage plugins, themes etc. in bulk without ever logging into the dashboard.
  2. Our Security is Top-Notch and We Clean Hacks for Free.
  3. Experience the Fastest Performance Possible.With Nginx Caching and Micro Caching, Redis Object caching and more.
  4. Our support is second to none. We support more than any other host, guaranteed.
Effortless WordPress Management
Streamline Development 100%
Most Comprehensive Security
Award Winning Security & Free Hack Fix 100%
Better Performance
Caching. Microcaching and Redis 99%
Most Comprehensive Support
24/7 Expert Help for WordPress 100%

GlowFrog WordPress Migration FAQS

No, we will migrate your website to your GlowFrog Hosting account at no additional cost. Contact our team if you have more than 10 sites. 

You can migrate your site to GlowFrog within an hour, sometimes less. Our professional migrations can take up to 24 hours but our teams fastest migration time has been 1 hour. You can request a faster, priority migration by contacting our team. 

Yes! There are multiple ways you can migrate your site. You can use our built in migration tool, plugin method or manual via SFTP and PHPMyAdmin. We are here to help if you get stuck. 

No, there is no downtime. Our team can help point your DNS so that the migration is seamless and your site stays online. 

Yes, our team will help you update your DNS. We use CloudFlare to help make managing DNS easy and also so our clients can take advantage of the added security benefits. Don’t worry, we make it easy to point your DNS. 

Our team can help you with this step. It depends on your previous mail provider. Contact our team and we will help you migrate your email without hassle. 

Yes. This will require a premium migration. Contact our team for help and we will help you migrate your Wix or Squarespace site to WordPress. 

Yes, open a Chat with our Plan Specialists who are knowledgeable, friendly and willing to help. 

We have specialty plans for Agencies, Developers and Designers. Contact our team to ask about our Specialty Plans. 

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Get the Fastest WordPress Hosting available, Smart Updates, Fort-Knox like Security and the most Comprehensive Support for WordPress 24/7. Trust your Business Website in the Hands of Real, Certified Experts. 

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