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How to Create a Database in cPanel

How to Create a Database in cPanel

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Option #1 – Create a Database Using MySQL Database Wizard

Creating Databases in cPanel is easy:

1. Log into cPanel

2. Once logged in click on the ‘MySQL Database Wizard‘ icon
MySQL Database Wizard

3. Enter a name for your new Database. (Note: The Database Name is automatically appended by cPanel username. Example: “exampledomain_newdatabase”) then click on the ‘Next Step‘ button.
MySQL Database Wizard Database Name

4. Enter a Database Username and Password for your New Database User. (Note: The Database Username is automatically appended by the cPanel username. Example: “exampledomain_user”) Then click ‘Create User‘.
MySQL Create Database Users

5. Select the tick box for ‘All Privileges’ then click ‘Next Step‘.
MySQL Add User to the Database

6. Confirmation Message. If there were no issues you should receive a confirmation message that the database and database user was created and the privileges were assigned successfully.

MySQL Database Wizard

That’s it! You’ve successfully created your Database, Database User and assigned admin privileges to the Database user!

Option #2 – Create Database & Database User Separately

1. Log into cPanel
2. Click on the ‘MySQL Databases‘ icon.
MySQL Databases
3. Enter a name for your New Database then click ‘Create Database
MySQL Databases Create New Database

4. You should be redirected to a confirmation message. Confirm the creation of your new database then click the blue ‘Go Back‘ link to return to the Database Creation Screen.
MySQL Database Confirmation

5. Scroll down to the MySQL Users section. Enter a Username and Password for your New Database User then click ‘Create User‘.
MySQL Database Users

6. Confirm the Creation of Your New Database User then click ‘Go Back‘.
MySQL Database User Go Back

7. Scroll Down to the Add User to Database Section. From the first drop down, select your new database user. From the second drop down select your new database. Click ‘Add‘.

8. Select the tick box for ‘All Privileges‘ then click ‘Make Changes‘.
MySQL Database User Privileges

9. Confirmation Message.
MySQL Database Success!

That’s it! If your changes were successful you should see a green success message in the top right-hand corner of cPanel.

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