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How to Login to cpanel

You may be wondering how do I login to cPanel? In this guide we will go over how to login to cPanel from your GlowFrog account.

How to Log in to cPanel

Option #1 – Access cPanel from within Frog Den

Logging into cPanel at GlowFrog is easy:
1. Log into your GlowFrog Hosting Account (FrogDen)
2. Once logged in you should see your dashboard.
3. Scroll down to your Active Services and click on ‘Manage‘:
Login to cPanel
3. Select ‘Login to cPanel‘ from the drop-down
How to Login to cPanel

That’s it! You will be logged into cPanel.

Option#2 – Login to cPanel Directly using your cpanel Username and Password

1. To login to cPanel directly, you can use your website address:
2. Then login using your cPanel username and password.

If you do not know your cPanel username and password you can use option#1 to login to cPanel and view your cPanel username — then Reset your cPanel Password.

Need more help? Contact our support team or open a ticket and we will be glad to help.

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