Obtaining an SSL for your Site

Obtaining an SSL for your Site

How to obtain an SSL Certificate

There are two options you can choose from to obtain an SSL Certificate for your site. You can choose from the FreeSSL or the Paid/Dedicated SSL. See: Free SSL vs Paid/Dedicated SSL for details on the differences between the two.

Enabling the Free SSL

You can enable your FreeSSL easily through cPanel.

How to Enable your FreeSSL

Purchase a Paid/Dedicated SSL from glowfrog

We offer a variety of Paid/Dedicated SSL options. Click below to view or purchase from our Dedicated SSL options.

View or Purchase SSL Certificate(s)


Plan on purchasing an SSL from another provider?

You’ll need to generate a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) so that the SSL can be properly keyed for the server. Please click here to Generate Your CSR Request.

Have Questions? Ask away!

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