Which Hosting Plan should you choose?

GlowFrog Hosting has carefully constructed this page to help you choose the Hosting Plan that is right for you.

Which plan is right for you?

I am Not-So-Tech Savvy & Need a Plan with Support that Helps me Acheive my Goals!

We totally get it! Our Managed Hosting Plans would be the best fit for you. These plans cost more than the basic hosting plans but we manage all of the technical server side and website issues for you, so you can focus and spend more time on your own goals.

Sweet. Let me see!

I Plan on Hosting a WordPress Site but I can Manage Mostly on my Own

Heck yes! Our WordPress Hosting plans would be the best fit. Premium Support is there when you need it, but we won’t undermine or stand in the way of your technical prowess.

That’s what I’m talking about.

I Plan on Using WordPress but I am Not-so-Tech-Savvy

Well what are web hosts for?! We totally get it. Our WordPress Hosting Plans would be the best fit. Our Premium Dedicated WordPress Support Experts handle all of the technical aspects of your website and hosting for you, so you can spend more time on your content.

Whew! That sounds great. Take me to the plans, please.

I am a Small Business Owner and Need a Plan with More Business Solutions & Support

The best kind of Business Owner knows exactly what they want and goes for it! We commend you. With your Go Getter attitude, our Managed Business Hosting plans would be the best fit for you.

Outstanding. Take me there.

I Own a Small Business but I am Comfortable Managing My Own Hosting

We love our tech savvy users. Our Basic Business Hosting Plans would be great plans for you to start with. Our Support Team is there when you need them and are dedicated to working with you and won’t stand in the way of your technical prowess.

Hmm. Okay, let’s check it out.

I am an Individual looking for hosting for a small site, I can manage it mostly on my own

Sounds like you know exactly what you are looking for! Our Affordable and Basic Individual/Business Hosting options would be the best fit for you. World Class Support is a click away if needed and all of the freedom of feature-rich hosting is at your fingertips.

Sounds like a plan. Let’s get to it!

I'm Not-so-Tech-Savvy, I need a Great Plan with Great Support

You’ve stumbled upon a hidden gem! Our Managed Hosting Plans are just what the doctor ordered. Our Dedicated Premium Support experts handle of all of your technical concerns for your hosting and websites ensuring your hosting experience is pleasant, easy and fun!

Well I’ll be darned! I’m ready to take a look.

I'm Tech Savvy but Time is Money. I need a plan that allows me to spend more time focusing on my website/business goals and less time on technical aspects of hosting.

Spoken like a boss. Time is a privilege and an asset we are happy to save for you. Our Managed Hosting Plans should both meet and exceed your standards.

Impress me.

Personal Use/Blogging Options Shared Hosting

• Most affordable
• Small Business
• Personal/Professional Blog
• Great starter plan

Compatible with:

» Small WordPress Website(s)
» Many Popular CMS such as: Magento, Prestashop, Joomla etc.
» Premium Support Available as an Add-On/As Needed Basis
» Limited to Basic Scope of Support

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More Support - Business Owners & Entrentrepreneurs Managed Hosting

• White Glove/Concierge Service
• Small/Medium Business Owners
• Business Email Features & Support.
• Website Security
• Website Premium Support
• Scalable Options for Business Growth.
• Online Store/eCommerce
• Great for the non-tech savvy
• Time Saving Hands on Support

Compatible with:

» Multiple WordPress Website(s)
» Many Popular CMS such as: Magento, Prestashop, Joomla etc.
» Premium, Dedicated Support Included

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Managed WordPress Hosting WordPress

• Best Option for WordPress Websites
• Managed Hosting Solution
• Tailored for WordPress
• Speed & Performance Boost
• WordPress Hardening & Security
• Dedicated WordPress Support

Compatible with/Includes:

» WordPress Pre-Installed
» 1 or Multiple WordPress Websites
» WordPress Hardening & Security
» Plugin & Theme Support
» Optimized WordPress Hosting Environment
» Server Side Caching
» Premium Dedicated Support for WordPress
» Premium, Dedicated Support Included

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Premium Support & What it Includes

Need Help Choosing a plan?

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