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Why GlowFrog Hosting?

TL;DR version? We save you TIME and Money. You will actually save money by hosting your WordPress sites on our expertly designed platform which was crafted for optimal security, speed and stability.

Let us explain how…

We Save you from Wasting Valuable Time

When you buy WordPress hosting from other providers, you’re just essentially renting an online hosting space that they provide to you.

At GlowFrog, we look at the Bigger Picture — meaning we analyze the relationship between your site and the server environment to ensure your site is running optimally ALWAYS which saves you VALUABLE TIME and Money instead of hiring costly developers or website speed experts to mitigate the loss of conversions.

Where you choose to host your site matters. But —

You can put your site on the FASTEST, most CUTTING EDGE servers in the world and it can still perform slowly if it’s not optimized.

WordPress runs fine and is fast on it’s own. But after you start adding plugins from different developers (especially WooCommerce) things start to slow down. This is because the scripts from these plugins are all running in the background of your site unchecked. A lot of plugins might also be running taxing database queries as well each time a user visits your site (this is common). Because performance tuning is a daily effort and an ongoing initiative, one size hosting does NOT fit all!

If your site is running slow it’s time to reconsider hosting providers and get a host that looks at the FULL picture, NOT just the server.

We Save You Money From Loss of Conversions

There is a way to calculate how much business you could be losing due to a slow website. Now standby for some math…

To find the cost, you can use this formula (or skip ahead to the results):

(Monthly Traffic * Est. Visitor Loss) * Conversion Rate = Est. Conversion Loss

For example, let’s say hypothetically that you convert 5% of your traffic, your average traffic is 10,000, and you’re losing 10% of your visitors due to your slow website, that’s:

(10,000 * 0.10) * 0.05 = 50

If 20% of your website conversions are lost due to your slow website and the average worth of those cases is $10,000, then:

(Conversions * Case Rate) * Average Case Value = Est. Speed Cost

(50 * 0.20) * 10,000 = $100,000

After a quick crunch of numbers, the Cost due to your slow website = $100,000 per month.

So how much would it be to hire a website speed optimization expert to help you fix this problem?

The average Hourly rate is ($50 to $150 / hour).

  • Let’s say you’re in need of some minor work…24 hours worth. That’s $3,600.
  • Need serious overhauling? 48 hours worth is $7,200. 

Even if you’re website isn’t directly responsible for conversions — the math doesn’t lie.

With plans as low as $45 per month, choosing to host your Website with GlowFrog can SAVE your business thousands of dollars in loss of conversions. 

We save you Money from Costly Developers

Unlike other hosts who just provide an optimized server environment, we take a more proactive approach and analyze things between your site AND the server ensuring the most harmonious relationship between the two. We use a combination of manual and automated means to do so on a DAILY basis.

This way, you don’t have to hire a developer (who ironically may wind up adding more plugins to your site in attempt to help thus adding more PHP code overhead thus solving one problem to create another) or constantly upgrade your hosting plan because your site is consuming more resources than should be necessary.

We Put the Control and POWER of your WordPress Sites Speed, Back in Your Hands

We take a proactive and hands-on approach to ensure your sites are running optimally ALWAYS.

With daily performance audits which you can see right inside your GlowFrog dashboard and daily server and website optimization, your sites are guaranteed to perform better just by migrating to GlowFrog. 

Not only that, but we provide VALUABLE insight into how your website is performing saving you both time and money on website speed audits and costly performance optimization now or later down the road.

Plus, the server is optimized with Nginx caching and GlowFrog Micro-Caching technology for dynamic content with optional add-ons such as Redis object caching for instantaneous database queries and faster product searching for WooCommerce. 

We Protect you From Disaster

Security for WordPress is more than just slapping an antivirus and firewall on the server and calling it a day.

Unlike GlowFrog, that is what most WordPress hosts do.

This actually leaves your site vulnerable to hackers. That’s why, in our opinion, this type of marketing isn’t really an honest approach.

When hosts throw out security buzz words so lackadaisically, it gives you the impression that your site is secure and safe without needing to take any other action, because well, the server is secure so that means your site is too, right?

WRONG! According to the Ponemon Institute, 80% of successful breaches were Zero-Day attacks.zeroday attack is when hackers take advantage of a software security flaw that the vendor does not yet know about in order to perform a cyberattack.

We monitor and audit your site traffic in real-time. Our state-of-the-art, patent pending, WordPress IDS (intrusion detection system) catches and sanitizes intrusion and hack attempts before they happen.

As an added bonus, we are security experts with both Military and Civilian experience and certifications. Our security and abuse team specialize in website and server security.

We secure NOT only the SERVER, but your WordPress site itself. 

If you happen to get hacked, we clean it for you free, at no additional charge. It’s as simple as that.

We Do More than Any Other Host

No other host stacks up to us in regards to our comprehensive and hands-on approach, GUARANTEED.

The way most other hosts approach website performance and PHP Error Code issues is this:

  1. They check the server logs to rule our server side issues.
  2. Not the server? Not their problem.
  3. They will recommend that you reach out to a site developer to optimize and/or fix your site

Don’t believe us? Just check out their scope of support. Most hosts will list that they don’t support coding issues which is what most performance issues boil down too — unchecked code running rampantly in the background, leaving you no choice but to hire costly developers with no certainty that they will actually fix the problem.

You can depend on us when you need us the most. We take into consideration the impact any issues can have on your business and we prioritize the solution and results you need that will benefit you the most.

Our Scope of Support is more comprehensive than any other Managed WordPress hosting Provider, guaranteed. 

You can try our GlowFrog Hosting, Risk Free with our 30 Day Money back Guarantee.

We look at the Bigger Picture

Your time is valuable.

When you come to us for help you can expect knowledgeable, pragmatic and expedient support with a sense of urgency that matches your unique situation, available 24/7 via Live Chat or Email.

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