Shared Hosting Scope of Support

Below you will find what is included in the Support Provided for your Shared Hosting Account.


If you have questions about what is included in the Support and what is Not please feel free to Contact Us or leave a comment below.
IncidentSupportedNot Supported
Error Messages» Server Level Error Codes (403, 404, 406, 500)
» PHP Errors
» MySQL Errors – Error Establishing DB Connection
» Website Level or Third Party Resource Generated Errors
» CMS Generated Errors
» Developmental Issues/Errors
cPanelAssistance with Native cPanel Tasks such as:
» Adding Domains
» Using File Manager
» Creating Databases
» Adding Domains & Subdomains
» Switching PHP Version
» Changing PHP Values
» Creating FTP Users
» Creating cPanel Backups
» Providing Email Settings
» Providing FTP Settings
» Assistance Interpreting Metrics from Metrics Section
BackupsCreating cPanel Backups:
» Full cPanel Backup
» Home Directory Backup
» Database Backup
» Creating Manual Backups
» Creating Backups through Non-Native cPanel methods
DNS» Updating NameServers for Domains Registered through GlowFrog Hosting Registrar
» Assistance Adding DNS Records (DNS Records must be provided by you) including MX records
» Updating the NameServers for domains at Third Party Registrars (not managed by GlowFrog Hosting)
» Managing, Updating or Assisting with DNS for domains in which GLowFrog Hosting NameServers are not authoritative
Domains» Assistance Changing Primary Domain
» Assistance Registering New Domains
» Assistance Unlocking Domains for a transfer away from GlowFrog Hosting
» Assistance Transferring Domains to GlowFrog Hosting
» Assistance Adding Add On Domains
» Assistance Removing Domains
» Assistance Adding Sub Domains
» Assistance Creating Redirects/Alias and Domain Forwarders
» Contacting or interacting with third parties on behalf of your domain
» Assistance with Domains in which GlowFrog Hosting Name Servers are not Authoritative
Email» Creating Email Accounts
» Deleting Email Accounts
» Resetting Email Password
» Assistance w/Email Disk Quota Control
» Enable Spam Assassin
» Assistance Adding Email Forwarder
» Email Bounceback Analysis & Troubleshooting
» Adding MX Records (MX records MUST be provided by you)
» Providing Settings for Email Client
» Assistance configuring up to 1 Email Client
» Assistance Accessing & Viewing Webmail
» Provide Helpful Documentation for Webmail Related Tasks
» Troubleshooting Third Party Email Client Issues
» Creating Custom Email Filters
» Completing Webmail Related Tasks on Your Behalf
» Troubleshooting Issues with Third Party Email Services
» Assistance configuring more than one email client
App Installations» Assistance Installing Applications/CMS of your choice Using the Applications Installer
» Assistance Backing up Applications through Applications Installer
» Restoring a Backup of an Applications through the Applications Installer
» Importing Compatible Applications/CMS into Applications Installer
» Manual CMS/Applications Installation
» CMS Configuration
» Out of Date Applications
Databases» Assistance Creating MySQL Databases in cPanel
» Assistance Deleting MySQL Databases in cPanel
» Assistance Creating MySQL Database Backup via cPanel
» Assistance Importing .sql Files via Shell
» Assistance Repairing Database in cPanel
» Running Custom Database Queries in PHPMyAdmin on your Behalf
» Modifying, editing or adding data to your database tables on your behalf short of what is necessary for troubleshooting an issue
» Assistance with Corrupt/Unrecoverable Data
» Completing tasks in PHPMyAdmin on your Behalf
» Multi-Site Databases
File Manipulation» Moving Specified Files or Website(s) to another Directory
» Assistance Moving Files After a Primary Domain Name Change
» Assistance Uploading Files via File Manager
» Deleting or Removing Files (Requires a Written Request & Documentation/Must be Completed in Support Ticket)
» Assistance & Direction with Using Native cPanel Features in File Manager
» Renaming Files
» Assistance with FTP client other than providing the correct settings and ensuring a successful FTP connection can be attained
» Creating Files on Your Behalf
» Manually Editing Files on Your Behalf (HTML/CSS)
» Unreasonable Requests that can be completed by you via provided documentation
CronJobs» Assistance with the Creating/Adding CronJob function in cPanel (CronJobs must be provided by you or your developer)
» Ensure CronJobs are running on the Server & Being Executed Successfully
» Troubleshooting CronJob Syntax
» Creating Custom CronJobs

Shared Hosting Scope of Support for Website(s)

IncidentSupportedNot Supported
Application Installs» Install CMS/Applications via Applications Installer in cPanel
Click Here to View List of Installable Software
» Manual CMS Installations
Logistical» Moving Website from one Directory to Another
» Cloning Website to Another Domain in the same cPanel Account
» Troubleshoot WordPress Errors after Moving WordPress site
» Moving Website Files to Another Host
» Restoring from a Backup created at Another Host:

‣  Submit Website Transfer Request Instead - One Time Fee of $40 per Website to be Transferred
Errors» Troubleshoot & Resolve: PHP related Errors, Serverside Errors leading to errors on the Website» Errors on the Website Level related to Code Development and/or Syntax
» Custom Coded Website Support
» CSS/HTML related issues
File Manipulation» Assistance with the UploadFeature in File Manager in cPanel
» Assistance Copying Files
» Assistance Moving Files between directories
» Deleting or Removing Websites & Website Files (Requires a Written Request & Documentation/Must be Completed in Support Ticket)
» Editing Files Directly/Manually
» Editing code elements (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
Redirects» Assistance Redirecting your Website to Another Website» Assistance redirecting a Website in which GlowFrog Hosting NameServers are not Authoritative
Hacks» Identify Possible Hack
» Security Recommendations
» Check for Backups
» Restore Backup from Automatic Backups
» Assistance Setting up SiteLock
» Run Malware Scan
» Removal of Malicious Code
» Hack Recovery
» Removing Infected Site from Quarantine
» Troubleshooting Hacked Site
» Security Forensics & Analysis (how the site was hacked)

‣ Purchase Hack Recovery Service
Website Performance & Optimization» Enable GZIP Compression
» Run GTMetrix Performance Scan
» Check PHP version and Switch to Latest PHP Version
» Prevent hotlinking in .htaccess
» Check for Out of Date CMS/Plugins/Themes
» Website Code Optimization
» Image Optimization
» Caching Plugin Configuration
» In Depth Interpretation of GTMetrix Report
Backups» Assistance Creating Backup through Applications Installer
» Assistance Creating cPanel created Backup
» Assistance Restoring cPanel created Backup
» Create WP Backup(s) via Server/Plugin
» Create WP DB Backup(s) via Server/Plugin
» Restore WP Backup(s) via Server
» Restore WP DB Backup(s) via Plugin
» Restore Manual/Custom Backups

‣ Consider our Managed Hosting or Managed WordPress Hosting Plans Instead
Email» Provide Necessary Information for SMTP Authentication for Contact Forms
» Identify & Troubleshoot Possible PHP Form Mailer Issues
» Check to ensure SMTP authentication and PHP function is working properly on the server
» Resolve with PHP Mailer Issues related to coding/syntax
» Configure SMTP Authentication in Website for Delivering Contact Form Submissions
Internal Migrations» Migrate Website from one shared hosting account to another shared hosting account on GlowFrog Hosting
» Migrating multiple websites from VPS or Reseller Accounts if on one cPanel Account
Request an Internal Migration - possible $40/fee per website

→ You will need to know the Primary Domain Name of the Source & Destination Account! Click here for help locating your primary domain name.
» Migrating multiple websites from VPS or Reseller Accounts NOT on the same cPanel account to a shared hosting account

‣ You must consolidate your websites/domains into one cPanel account before they can be migrated to another shared hosting account