Site Building Tools: Building Your First Website

Site Building Tools: Building Your First Website

There are many options to help you get started with your first website build. Your GlowFrog Hosting account comes complete with Site Building Tools to help make building your first website easier. This Article is designed as a general starting point to help guide you through the process of selecting the right Site Building Tools for your New Website Build.


Get Started Now

Managed CMS: Content Management System(s)

Use these with your Managed WordPress Hosting Account.




Installable Web Apps – Live Demo

Install and use these using your Free Applications Installer in your Shared Hosting Account.






Installable Shopping Carts

Install and use these using your Free Applications Installer in your Shared Hosting Account.





Drag and Drop vs CMS: Content Management System

It is important first to decide whether you prefer building your Website using a Drag and Drop website Builder or a CMS (Content Management System) so you can choose the right Hosting Plan which best Suits your Needs. For that it is good to have a basic understanding of the differences between both options:


CMS:Content Management System – a CMS is a Web Based Application that Manages the Website content within a User Interface like blog posts, pages etc. You can then add a theme on top of that content as well as plugins or add-ons in order to extend the features within your site.

Drag-and-Drop Builder – Drag and Drop Builders having blogging capability, however, their primary focus is the visual aspect of building and designing your Website Pages.


Installing an Application – CMS: Content Management System

You can use the free Applications Installer to install most apps like WordPress, Prestashop, Joomla and more. With the Applications Installer, your favorite Web Application can be installed in a simple click! No setting up Database, Downloading/Uploading, Zipping and Unzipping files or complicated configurations. Just enter your installation details and click Go.

→ See How to Install WordPress using the Applications Installer here


Drag and Drop Website Builder

Currently there are a few Drag and Drop website building Platforms to choose from with your GlowFrog Hosting account such as SiteBuilder by GlowFrog, Weebly or Divi. Divi is the Drag-and-Drop theme and visual page builder for WordPress which combines the best of both worlds. Whilst SiteBuilder by GlowFrog is still in Beta, it is fully functional and robust – complete with all of the essential features needed to build an Online Blog, Storefront or Business Website!

See more about SiteBuilder by GlowFrog here


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