Managed Hosting / Premium Support Scope of Support

Below you will find what is included in the Additional Support Provided for your Managed Hosting Account.


If you have questions about what is Supported and what is not please feel free to Contact Us or leave a comment below.
Support Also Includes → Basic Level Scope of Support


IncidentSupportedNot Supported
Email» Assistance w/Email Client Configuration
» Adding MX Records (you must provide the MX Records)
» Bounceback Analysis
» Blacklist Delisting Request
» Email Reputation Assistance & Monitoring
» Assistance and Tips on Stopping Email from Going to Spam
» Assistance Adding Custom Filters
» Assistance with SPAM Control Settings
» Email Formatting
» Mass Email Lists
» Third Party Email Service Issues
.htaccess» .htaccess passwords
» allow/deny rules
» Custom .htaccess rules
Hacks» Hack Prevention Assistance
» Run WP Hack Removal Script
» Website Level Security Integration
» Identify Possible Hack(s)
» Security Recommendations
» Check for Backups
» Restore Backup from Automatic Backups
» Restore Plugin Backups
» Restore/Import DB Backups
» Replace Core Files
» Replace Corrupted Theme & Plugins
» Removal of Malicious Code Injection
» Manual DB Recovery
Performance» Identify Performance Issues in WordPress Sites
» Resolve Basic Performance Issues
» Search engine Crawl-delay
» Caching
» Website Performance Scanning & Resolution for Most Performance Issues
» Developmental Level Performance ISsues
» Third Party Resource Performance Issues
» Server Level Tweaks
Backups» Create cPanel Backups
» Create WP Backup(s) via Server/Plugin
» Create WP DB Backup(s) via Server/Plugin
» Restore WP Backup(s) via Server
» Restore WP DB Backup(s) via Plugin
» Restore from partial or corrupted backups
CMS Installation» Manual CMS Installations (requires cx prov documentation)
» CMS installations via Apps Installer
» Install Older Version of CMS by Request
» Server Level Changes for CMS (will require VPS Hosting Plan)
Plugin/Theme Installation Assistance» Custom Theme Install
» Assistance Adding Custom CSS (You or your developer must provide the CSS code/elements)
» Custom CSS/HTML & Scripting
Page/Post Creation Assistance» Ensure Post/Page creation Function is Working
» Assistance Creating Post/Page (does not include content)
» Creating or supplying page content
Basic Customizer Assistance» Ensure function is working
» Assistance with basic customization options
» Design
User Administration» Create Admin User
» Reset Password
» Import Users
» Assistance Creating Multiple Users
» Recover Previous Password (passwords are hashed & can only be reset)
WordPress Updates» Update Core Files
» Update Theme(s)
» Update Plugin(s)
» Troubleshoot & Resolve Most Issues Post Update
Version Rollback(s)
» Identify Third Party Developmental Issues resulting from update(s)
» Resolve third party developmental issues
Move Website (directory change)» Move Specified Files to Destination Directory
» Identify files to be moved based on CMS
» Ensure functionality after move
» Moving custom CSS/HTML sites in circumstances cx does not know which files need to be moved
» Resolve Developmental Issues
Internal Website Transfer(s) - Move Your Website to another Hosting Account at GlowFrog.» Hosting Account Upgrades Include Free Internal Website Transfers
» Internal Website Migration/Transfer to another hosting account within GlowFrog
» Internal Migrations from Reseller Accounts (you must consolidate into one cPanel account before these accounts can be migrated or request one website at a time)

There is a one time fee of $40 per Internal Migration for Non-Account Upgrades unless you are cancelling one hosting account to consolidate your files with another.