How to Point Your Domain to GlowFrog Hosting

How to Point Your Domain to GlowFrog Hosting

How to point your domain to GlowFrog Hosting if you’ve registered a domain name through another Registrar. If you were previously hosting your domain with another hosting company, you will need to change your NameServers to use your domain with your Hosting Account here. This process is referred to as, “Pointing Your Domain Name“.


To allow your domain name to resolve to your hosting account here, you will need to“point” your domain to GlowFrog Hosting servers. This can be done simply via what’s called a NameServer change. In this guide, we will go over how to change your NameServers to point to GlowFrog Hosting.
Note: if you’ve registered your domain through GlowFrog Hosting, you should not need to do this!


Who is my Domain Registrar – How do I know who my domain Registrar is?

You can use our Whois Lookup tool to find out who your domain Registrar is. The Domain Registrar is the entity you will go through in order to change/update the NameServers for your domain. Note: It’s usually your previous host – but that’s not always the case. It doesn’t hurt to check with them to be sure!



In the results, the “Registrar URL” and the “Registrar” is the company your domain is registered through. Contact your previous host if you need additional help.


NameServers – Point Your Domain to GlowFrog Hosting

In order to point your domain to GlowFrog Hosting, you will need to update the NameServers for your domain at the Registrar to the following nameservers:


Nameservers for GlowFrog Hosting
IP Address


DNS and NameServer Changes

It can take up to 24 hours before these changes begin to take effect but for the most part they begin to take effect within 2-3 hours. Read more about DNS changes in our article: DNS Propagation: How long do DNS changes take?


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