The GlowFrog Advantage: GlowFrog Hosting, LLC Features

We don't mean to flex but - 💪 Below are the key features that make GlowFrog the superior choice for your business 👇

🔑 Key Features

Our engineers have over 10+ years of experience working with WordPress and we've built our platform with Businesses in mind. Whether you need to accommodate huge traffic spikes or thwart malware campaigns against your company - GlowFrog has you covered 👍

GlowFrog Performance Advantage 💎

Adaptable Performance Tuning - The server environment adapts to your sites demands and traffic to ensure consistent and fast performance. 🚀

Uptime & Performance Monitoring - We monitor for both uptime and performance. We personally tune your site and the server for optimal performance as part of your performance upkeeping - on a daily basis!

Performance Analysis Tools - We provide reports from our free Performance analysis tool New Relic. Our team will help you analyze the live data and get valuable insights into your site performance at no extra charge.

Latest Technology - We use the latest in cutting edge server technology - including NGINX, PHP-FPM and MariaDB.

Traffic Spikes & Auto-Scaling 📈

Sudden traffic spikes can account for around 75% of site downtime. These can be real users, bots or DoS attacks (not to be confused with DDoS attacks). At GlowFrog your site will benefit from our Traffic Surge protection. The protection will detect the spike and instantly allocate more resources so your sites stay online. 👍

Fully Managed Security 🛡️

At GlowFrog security is our topmost priority. The server environment is equipt with multiple security layers to stop, prevent, and sanitize hacks and malware. Your sites rest behind a Cloud WAF (web application firewall) and a Website Level WAF (web application firewall) and we harden every site on our platform with our custom security rules so you are instantly protected as soon as your site resides on our platform.

GEOIP Targetting

GEOIP Targeting 📍

Personalized users experience with GEO IP targetting at GlowFrog. No coding required! Use GEO IP targeting to: display the proper currency for a users country, display procucts in WooCommerce by country, run location based campaigns, block countries or regions you don't want your website accessible to and even setup redirects based on a users geographical location.

FrogDen - Dashboard

Powerful WordPress Management within your FrogDen Dashboard makes managing your WordPress sites simpler and more efficient! 👇

WordPress Tools

GlowFrog lets you Manage multiple WordPress sites with ease! Clone, Backup, Restore, Manage Plugins & Themes and more!

Business WordPress Hosting

Developer Friendly -
🤓 Smart Hosting

Developer Friendly tools Help Streamline the Management and Development of Multiple WordPress sites ⚙️

GlowFrog Empowers You ⚡

Strengthen your WordPress Sites Security, & Speed, Gain access to Powerful WordPress Automation tools & Increase your Sites Profit Potential with GlowFrog 👇

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