Automatic Backup System (ABS)

Questions about ABS?

Runs Every Saturday at 4am EST

GlowFrog’s automated backup system runs weekly every Saturday around 4am6am Eastern Time. Our backup system retains three of your most recent backups. All new backups created replace the previous oldest backup. Please keep this in mind when making large changes to your website. Don’t forget to view and follow Good Backup Practices!

Retains 3 Most Recent Backups

The GlowFrog Automatic Backup System (ABS) retains 3 of your most recent backups. These are backups taken once per week, every Saturday. When restoring, you can choose from three different backup versions:

  • Week 1 Backup
  • Week 2 Backup
  • Week 3 Backup



Request a Backup Restoration

1) Submit a Backup Restore Request

2) Backup Restoration Ticket will be created to process and notify you once the restoration is complete.

3) Please check your email including your spam folder!

Good Backup Practices

At GlowFrog Hosting we care about the integrity and functionality of your website(s). We want to ensure you are taking good measures to ensure the reliability and integrity of your websites, after all, your business is our business. As such, we have developed good backup practices to keep you running optimally. View Good Backup Practices!